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1. He has a__________(方形的) face and looks handsome.

2. Can you tell me your ___________(未来的) plans?

3. Could you give me some ___________(建议) on how to learn English well?

4. Do you like reading _____________(杂志).

5. He has poor _____________(视力), so he wears glasses.

6. MIllien is helpful,she often ____________(解决) problems for others.

7. Don’t be _____________(紧张) when you answer your teachers’ questions.

8. Betty is _____________(苗条的) enough to wear the tight trousers.

9. An ____________(诚实的) girl will not tell a lie.

10. We all like our history teacher, because he has a sense of _____________(幽默).


1. 乐意干某事________________________ 2. 对人很慷慨_______________________

3. 一个叫马克斯的好朋友______________ 4. 从事太多电脑工作_________________

5. 戴着圆圆的眼镜____________________ 6. 使他看上去帅帅的__________________

7. 感到厌倦或不快____________________ 8. 给需要的人让座____________________

9. 分享某人的快乐____________________ 10. 保密_____________________________

11. 读一则广告_______________________ 12. 有一头直直的齐肩发________________

13. 尽力干某事_______________________ 14. 在绘画比赛中______________________

15. 想要成为一名社会工作者___________ 16. 成为一名的歌手________________

17. 周游世界_________________________ 18. 给某人一些建议____________________

19. 说某人的坏话_____________________ 20. 讲有趣的笑话______________________


( )1. I like that restaurant ______ Happy House. The food there is very delicious.

A. name B. named C. naming D. to name

( )2. Everything is prepared. We are ready _______ work.

A. to start B. for start C. start D. starting

( )3. The computer is much too expensive. I’ll ______ it.

A. talk about B. think of C. think about D. say about

( )4. The apple tastes ____. Would you like to have a taste?

A. well B. bad C. badly D. nice

( )5. He was in such a hurry that he ______ my book ______ my desk when he walked past.

A. knocked; on B. knocked; down C. knocked; over D. knocked; off

( )6. A friend ______is a friend indeed.

A. in need B. on need C. at need D. of need

( )7. The streets in Shanghai are much _______ than before.

A. wide B. widely C. more widely D. wider

( )8. Things are getting _______.

A. bad and bad B. worse and worse C. worst and worst D. badly and badly

( )9. Who is ______ of the two boys?

A. careful B. the more careful C. much careful D. the most careful

( )10. The teacher often makes us ______ in class, and life here makes us _____.

A. laugh; happy B. to laugh; to happy

C. to laugh; happy D. laughing; happy

( )11. No hurry. There’s ____time left.

A. little B. few C. a little D. a few

( )12. He is not _____ Tom..

A. as a good student as B. so a good student as

C. so good a student as D. as a student as

( )13. Skiing and diving are _____ our favourites. The students in our class _____ like them.

A. all; both B. both; all C. all; all D. both; both

( )14. ______ he spoke, ____ tired he felt.

A. The more; the better B. The many; the better

C. The more; the more D. The many; the much

( )15. Tokyo is larger than _________ in Japan.

A. any city B. any other city C. any other cities D. any cities


1. 周杰伦比孙楠瘦得多。


2. 我想知道他长什么样。


3. 中国和加拿大差不多大。


4. 他不知道怎样和新同学谈话。


5. Millie 认为徒步旅行没有潜水危险,所以她喜欢徒步旅行。


6. 她很善良,从不说任何人的坏话。


7. Millie 说她长大想当一名社会工作者。


8. 如果我们细心点的话,我认为任何一种户外活动都不会有危险。


9. 她总是面带微笑,看上去很快乐。


10. 你相信她所说的话吗?



要求: 李老师是你最喜欢的老师,向大家介绍一下他的情况。字数60字左右。








1. square 2. future 3. advice 4. magazines 5. eyesight

6. solves 7. nervous 8. slim 9. honest 10. humour


1. be willing to do sth /be ready to do sth 2. be generous to sb

3. a good friend called Alax 4. work on too much computer work

5. wear round glasses 6. make him look smart

7. feel bored or unhappy 8. give a seat to someone in need

9. share one’s joy 10. keep secrets

11. read an advertisement 12. have straight, shoulder-length hair

13. try one’s best to do sth 14. in the drawing competition

15. want to be a social worker 16. become a famous singer

17. travel around the world 18. give sb some advice

19. say a bad word about sb 20. tell funny jokes


1——5 BACDD 6——10 ADBBA 11——15 CCBCB


1. Zhou Jielun is much thinner than Sun Nan.

2. I want to know what he looks like.

3. China is almost the same size as Canada.

4. He doesn’t know how to talk with his new classmates.

5. Millie thinks hiking isn’t so dangerous as diving, so she likes hiking.

6. She is kind and never says a bad word about others.

7. Millie says she would like to be a social worker when she grows up.

8. I don’t think any of these outdoor activities are dangerous if we’re careful.

9. She always wears a smile on her face and looks happy.

10. Do you believe what she says?


Mr Li is my favourite teacher. He is one of the most popular maths teachers in our school. He’s nearly forty and about 1.75 metres tall. He won the first prize in the teaching competition of the city last year. He likes sports in his spare time. He is kind to his students. He is the students’ friend.





外语教学和其他学科一样,有严谨的系统性和连贯性。学生在初一阶段所获得的语言技能,能否在初二年级得到继续发展,是防止分化的又一个问题。这就给教师提出了更高的要求,即力求把教学搞“实”、搞“活”。所谓“实”就是讲究实际效果,把教学大纲化为具体的要求,落实到教和学上,对每课时的教学计划逐项落实。课堂上,少讲空话,多做实事,精讲多练,以学生为主;对每个单元进行考查、总结,分析存在问题,及时补遗,帮助学生过关。平时作业或测验得到好成绩或有进步的,一定在班上进行表扬,给予肯定;对作业错漏较多的当面批改,及时订正。所谓“活”就是侧重听说训练,把外语课由“讲演课”变成“实践课”。采用展示性的直观教学方法,使学生一上课就置身于一个讲英语的环境中,在既紧张而又活泼的气氛中学习英语。如教学一开始就寓于情景,教师一边做动作,一边说“What am I doing?I‘m writiong/drinking tea.”等等,接着让学生表演动作。“Reading a book,please.”当学生在读课文时,问这位学生:“What are you doing?”帮助他回答:“I am reading a book.”再叫学生表演,让学生其其他同学:“What’she doing?”并回答,从而引出新单词。学生在情景中大量实践,很容易掌握所学内容。