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△realistic adj. 现实主义的;逼真的;


abstract adj. 抽象的;深奥的

n. 摘要

sculpture n. 雕塑

△sculptor n. 雕刻家;雕塑家

gallery n. 美术陈列室;画廊

faith n. 信任;信心;信念

faithfully adv. 忠实地

△consequently adv. 所以;因而

aim n. 目标;目的

vi. & vt. 瞄准;(向某方向)努力

conventional adj. 常规的;传统的;


typical adj. 典型的;有代表性的

evident adj. 明显的;明白的

△Giotto di Bondone 乔托(意大利画家、雕刻家、建筑师)

△renaissance n. 新生;复兴;复活

△the Renaissance 文艺复兴(时期)

adopt vt. 采用;采纳;收养

△humanistic adj. 人道主义的

possess vt. 拥有;具有;支配

possession n. (尤作复数)所有;


superb adj. 卓越的;杰出的;


△perspective n. _画法;_图;


technique n. 技术;方法;技能

△Masaccio 马萨乔(意大利画家)

coincidence n. 巧合(的事);(事情、口味、故事等)相合

by coincidence 巧合地

△masterpiece n. 杰作;名著

△impressionism n. 印象主义;


△impressionist adj. 印象派的

n. 印象派艺术家

△post-impressionist adj. 后印象派的

n. 后印象派艺术家

a great deal 大量

shadow n. 阴影;影子

ridiculous adj. 荒谬的;可笑的

controversial adj. 争论的;争议的

attempt n. 努力;尝试;企图

vt. 尝试;企图

on the other hand (可是)另一方面

predict vt. 预言;预告;预测

△landscape n. 风景;景色

specific adj. 确切的;特定的

figure n. 画像;身材;数字

clay n. 黏土

△critic n. 评论家;批评者

△bronze n. 青铜;青铜色;


marble n. 大理石

△Mona Lisa 蒙娜?丽莎


△Leonardo da Vinci 列奥纳多?达?芬奇


carve vt. 雕刻;刻记

delicate adj. 脆弱的;容易生病的;


△Michelangelo 米开朗基罗


△canvas n. 帆布;画布

△Picasso 毕加索(西班牙画家)

café n. 咖啡馆;小餐馆

allergic adj. 过敏性的;对……过敏的

△effectively adv. 有效地

exhibition n. 展览;陈列;展览会

aggressive adj. 敢作敢为的;侵略的;


scholar n. 学者

flesh n. 肉;肌肉;_

in the flesh 活着的;本人

△Matisse 马蒂斯(法国画家)

geometry n. 几何学

bunch n. 束;串

△ Manhattan n. 曼哈顿岛;曼哈顿区


avenue n. 林荫道;道路;大街

preference n. 喜爱;偏爱

△Guggenheim Museum


△display vt. 展示;陈列;显露

appeal vi. 有感染力;呼吁;求助

vt. 将……上诉

n. 呼吁;恳求

appeal to (对某人)有吸引力;


fragile adj. 精细的;易碎的;脆弱的

△circular adj. 圆形的;环形的;


△metropolitan adj. 主要都市的;


reputation n. 名声;名誉

civilization n. 文明;文化;


Egypt n. 埃及(东北非国家)

Egyptian adj. 埃及的;埃及人的

visual adj. 视觉的;看得见的

fragrant adj. 香的;令人愉快的

△Monet 莫奈(法国画家)

△Whitney 惠特尼

△Madison n. 麦迪逊

contemporary adj. 当代的;


permanent adj. 永久的;持久的

district n. 区;区域;行政区

committee n. 委员会

signature n. 署名;签字

△poetry n. 诗(总称);诗意

tick vt. 给……标记号

rhyme n. 韵;押韵;押韵的词

vi. & vt. (使)押韵

convey vt. 传达;运送

△emotion n. 情感;情结;感情

nursery n. 托儿所

nursery rhyme 童谣

concrete adj. 具体的

△repetition n. 重复;反复;循环

contradictory adj. 引起矛盾的;


△hush vi. &vt. (使某人)安静下来

△mockingbird n. 嘲鸫(一种鸟,能模仿其他鸟的叫声)

diamond n. 钻石;菱形

△brass n. 黄铜;黄铜器

△billy-goat n. 公山羊

flexible adj. 灵活的;可弯曲的;


pattern n. 模式;式样;图案

△squire n. 乡绅

cottage n. 村舍;小屋


1. the ancient Olympic Games 古代奥运会

2. compete in …compete with other countries for world market 与其它国家竞争国际市场

compete in a race 参加赛跑

compete with [against] sb. for sth. 与某人竞争而获得某物

Our Greek cities used to compete against each other just for the honour of winning.我们希腊各个城市之间曾经为了荣誉而彼此之间相互竞争。

3. take part in 参加

We all had to take part in the training run, with nobody excepted.

我们大家都得参加跑步训练, 无人例外.

4. What do the five rings on the Olympic flag stand for? 奥运旗帜上的五环代表什么?

stand for 代表;表示;主张;支持;拥护;容忍;允许

What does "ESL" stand for? "ESL"代表什么?

I won't stand for his insults any longer. 我再不能容忍他的污辱了。

5. the official mascots for the Beijing Olympics 北京奥运会吉祥物

Fuwa,the Official Mascots of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, carry a message of friendship ,peace and good wishes from China to children all over the world.


6. come on a magical journey 做梦幻之游come on (表劝说,鼓励等)来吧,走吧;开始

His French has come on a lot since he joined the conversation class.


7. (a) volunteer for (……志愿者)志愿做……

Don't volunteer for more than you can handle. 别做力不能及的事情。

I want to be a volunteer for 2008 Beijing Olympics.


8. I lived in what you call “Ancient Greece” and used to write about the Olympics a long time ago 我生活在你们所说的“古希腊”,我曾经写过很久以前奥林匹克运动会的情况。

We used to keep in touch with each other by writing letters.我们过去常写信联系对方。

I am used to reading stories to my daughter every night and she enjoys it.我习惯了每天给女儿讲故事,她也非常喜欢这样做。

Wood can be used to make furniture. 木头能用来做家具。

There used to be a temple at the place where our school stands now.在我们学校所在之处过去有一座庙。

9. …and both are held every four years on a regular basis. 两个都是定期每四年举行一次。

on a regular basis 定期地He comes to visit us on a regular basis.他定期来看望我们。

10. Only atheletes who have reached the agreed standard for their event will be admitted as competitors. 只有达到他们各自项目统一标准的运动员才会被接受参见奥运会。

I am sure that he will be admitted to Beijing University this summer. 我肯定他今年夏天将被北京大学录取。

This ticket admits two people to the football match. 这张票可供两人入场看足球赛。

The cinema admits about 2000 people.这座电影院大约可坐 2000 人。

The rules and regulations admit of no other explanation.这些规章制度不容许有其他解释。

His illness admits of no delay.他的病不容拖延。

He never admits that he is wrong. 他从不承认自己错了。

John has admitted breaking the window. 约翰已承认打碎了窗子。

11. It is in the Summer Olympics that you have the running races, together with swimming, sailing, and all the team sports.跑步、游泳、划船和所有团队项目是在夏季奥运会上进行的。

12. No other counries could join in, nor could slaves or women. 别的国家不能参加,奴隶和妇女也不能参加。

13. Women are not only allowed, but play a very important role in gymnastics…妇女不仅允许参加,而且她们还在体操比赛项目中起着非常重要的作用。

14. as well 也;又;同样

as well as (除...之外)也,既...又

conj. 以及,又

I write my own songs and I play the guitar as well.


A teacher should entertain as well as teach.教师不仅要教书,也要激起学生的兴趣。

15 There is as much competition among countries to host the Olympics as to win Olympic medals.国与国之间争取奥运会承办权的竞争就跟争夺奥运奖牌一样地激烈。

16. So even the olive wreath has been replaced. 就连橄榄枝花环也被取代了。

David will replace Mike in next week’s tennis competition. 大卫将代替迈克参加下周的网球赛。

The broken parts of the machine must be replaced, otherwise we can’t continue our work. 这些损害的机器部件必须得换,否则我们无法继续工作。

I have owned my car for almost ten years. This year I’ll replace it with a new one. 我的汽车用了差不多十年了,今年我要换一辆新车。

Would you replace the magazine after reading it? 读完杂志后把它放回原处好么?

17. Put forward your ideas and give reasons for your choice. 提出你的观点并给出你选择的原因。put forward 呈上;提出;提前;拨快(钟表)

Two advices of design are put forward.


The reason for this is that this plane is also a bicycle. 其原因是,这架飞机又是一辆自行车。

reason with sb. for [against] sth.


reason sb. out of his prejudice说服某人消除成见

reason sb. into accepting a proposal说服某人接受建议

18. be in/under sb’s charge


in charge of 负责

These books were left in your charge. 这些书由你管理。

The chief engineer was in charge of directing the building of the subway. 主任工程师负责指挥地铁的建造工程。

I was in charge of my sister. 我在照看我妹妹。

This ward is in [under]the charge of Dr Green. 这间病房是由格林大夫负责的。

How much did he charge you for repairing the bicycle? 他修理自行车收了你多少钱?

Do you charge for the use of the office telephone at off-duty time? 下班时间打办公电话你们收不收费?

The boy charged into the room. 男孩冲进屋里。

Suddenly the wild animal charged at us. 突然那头野兽朝我们冲过来。

Those young men were charged by the police with causing a disturbance in the neighbourhood.


She charged me to look after her daughter. 她要我负责看管她的女儿。

19. physical exercise 体育锻炼

Physical fitness is having a strong healthy body. 身体健康就是有一个强壮健康的身体。

physical change 物理变化

physical education 体育

20. rise to one’s feet 站起来,立起。

21. She was in front in her race when another competitor pushed her on purpose so that she fell down. 她在比赛中跑在前面,突然另外一个运动员故意推了她一下,结果她摔倒了。

22. take responsibility for…对……负有责任,负起对……的责任

23. If you are discovered, you will be fined. 如果被发现,你将被罚款。

He was fined 200 dollars for violation of traffic regulation. 他因违反交通规则被罚款200美元。

24. win glory for sb. 为某人赢得荣誉

We must try to win glory for our school!我们必须设法为母校争光。

25. make a bargain with sb. 与某人成交

26. promise to do sth. 答应做某事

He has promised to behave better henceforth. 他答应从今以后要表现得好些。

She promised her brother that she would write to him. 她答应弟弟将给他写信。

This year promises to be another good one for harvests. 今年看来又是个丰收年。

Remember to carry out your promise . 记住要履行诺言。

He broke his promise and did not come to see me. 他不遵守诺言,没来看我。

The news brings little promise of peace. 这消息使和平无望。

27. She practised running to compete in the Olympic Games. 为了参加奥运会她练习跑步。

28. Atlanta married him and lived happily ever after. Atlanta和他结了婚,从那以后幸福地生活。

29. one after another 一个接一个地Difficulties arise one after another.困难相继出现.

30. deserve to do sth


deserve attention [sympathy]


deserve to be rewarded [punished] 该奖[罚]

If you do wrong, you deserve punishment. 你如做错事, 应当受罚。

31. Apart from playing at school I go to sports school every weekend. 除了在学校踢球之外,我每周末都去体校。

She keeps herself apart from (ie does not mix with) other people. 她与别人保持距离(不与别人混在一起).

It's a good piece of work, apart from a few slight faults. 除了一些小缺点之外,这不失为一件漂亮的工作。

32. I especially like playing on the wing like Beckham but being a striker is good as well. 我尤其喜欢像贝克汉姆一样踢边锋,但是当一名射球手一样好。

Dance and sing, Time's on the wing.跳吧,唱吧,光阴似箭。

33. be active in


34. This is important because the more you speak English, the better your English will become.这很重要因为你说英语越多,你的英语水平就会变得越好。

35. Don’t be shy about making mistakes.别害怕犯错误。

36. In this way you will become confident in speaking English. 这样你就会对说英语充满信心。

One has to be confident in himself. 一个人一定要对自己有信心。


A: Key Words and Expressions:

1. Which of the news media above is the most reliable? 以上的新闻媒体中哪一种最可靠?

reliable adj. 可信赖的; 可依靠的; 确定的

They are reliable friends. 他们是可信赖的朋友。

Is the source of the information reliable? 那个消息的来源可靠吗?

[链接] reliably adv. 可靠地;确实地 reliability n. 可靠性;可信赖性

2. The man was fired. 那个人被解雇了。


(1) 解雇,开除

The company fired him for not coming to work on time. 那个公司因他不按时上班解雇了他。

(2) 发射

He fired his gun at the big snake. 他开枪打那条大蛇。

(3) 激发(人、感情等),使充满热情

The story fired his imagination. 这个故事激发了他的想象力。

3. The man faced difficulties.

(1) face v.t. 面临(困难等),应付, 面对;(危险、困难等)迫近

可与介词 to/ towards / on连用

We must face our trouble and bear it. 我们必须正视我们的困难并勇于承受。

The house faces south/the south/to the south.那房子面朝南。


He faced the difficulty with courage.

He faced the enemy bravely.


be faced with 面临,面对 face up to面对;承担

face the music接受(不愉快的后果或情况)(对自己的行为结果)负起责任;接受批评)

I was faced with a new problem. 我面临了新问题。

She couldn’t face up to the fact that she was no longer young.


The boy was caught cheating in the examination and had to face the music.


I must face the music and accept responsibility.我一定接受批评并承担责任。

If anything goes wrong,“is 1 who will have to face the music.


(2) difficulty表示“难,困难”时用作不可数名词,表示“难题,难事”时用作可数名词。

e.g. She learned to speak English without difficulty. 她毫无困难地学会了讲英语。

We will face many difficulties in the future. 将来我们要面临许多难题。

l'm in a bit of a difficulty over paying my rent.我对付房租有点困难,


have(much/no/1ittle)difficulty with sth.

have/find(much/no/little)difficulty(in)doing sth.

There is(no/1ittle/much)difficulty(in)doing sth.

with/without difficulty困难地/轻易地

I don't have much difficulty with English grammar.我对学英语语法没什么困难。

She had no difficulty in finding the house.她毫无困难地找到了那间房子。

The patient had difficulty breathing.那个病人呼吸困难。

She found no difficulty in solving the problem.她发现解决那个问题没什么困难。

There was little difficulty in understanding him.理解他的意思没什么困难。

She calmed her daughter with some difficulty.她费了力气才使女儿平静下来。

He finished the work without much difficulty.他很轻松地完成了工作。

4. The man was generous.

generous adj. 慷慨的;大方的;宽容的;豁达的;丰富的,丰盛的

e.g. He is generous with his money. 他出手大方。

He gave me a generous lunch. 他请我吃了一顿丰盛的午餐。

[链接] generous adv. 慷慨地 generosity n. 慷慨大方

5.Below is a list of ten things that happened today. 以下列出了今天发生的十件事。

本句为倒装句,正常语序应为:A list of ten things that happened today is below.

below看作副词,表示方位,当表示方位的状语或表语位于句首时,句子采用全部倒装的结构,即把谓语动词的所有组成部分都移到主语之前。这类作状语或表语的词常见的有:away, down, in, off, out, over, up, above, below, here, there及介词短语与分词。

Here is a seat for you.这儿有你的一个座位。

There goes the bell!铃响了。

Written on the blackboard are the names of those who were late yesterday.


6.France elected a new president.

elect v.t. 选举,推选

e.g. They elected a president. / They elected him as President.

他们选举了总统。/ 他们选举他为总统。


e.g. Our classmates elected him as/to be/our/as our monitor.

They elected the old man to be chairman of the club.他们推选那位老人为俱乐部主席。

[辨析] elect, pick out, choose


e.g. Roosevelt was elected four times to the presidency of the U.S.A.



e.g. We had to choose between leaving early and paying for a taxi.


There are ten to choose from.

pick out比较通俗,指按个人喜好或希望进行挑选,多用于有行的东西。

e.g. She picked out a scarf to wear with the dress.


7.Food prices are going up. 食品价格在上涨。

go up上升,增长,提高

e.g. The temperature has gone up.

The lift went up to the fourth floor. 电梯升到了四楼。

8.A house in your city burnt down. Nobody was injured.


(1)burn down 烧毁;使烧毁【强调破坏性】;(由于燃料烧尽)火力减弱

These houses were burnt down to the ground. 这些房子被烧毁。

The fire is burning down, get some more coal please.

[比较] burn up烧尽,烧光【强调动作的结果】;(火,炉等)烧起来,旺起来

e.g. Put some wood on the fire and make it burn up.

(2) injure v.t. 使受伤;损害,伤害(感情)

She injured herself while skating.她在滑冰时受了伤。

The earthquake killed 2000 people and inured 3000。


He got badly inured in the accident.在这次事故中他受了重伤。

The injured were taken to hospital.伤员被送往医院。

Smoking will inure your health.吸烟会损害你的健康。

I hope l didn't inure her feelings.我希望没有伤害她的感情。

Her refusal inured his pride.她拒绝了他,伤了他的自尊心。


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