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1. 词组: add up 合计

add up to 总计达

add… to… 把。。加到。。。里

add to 增加 增添 扩建

2. calm… down 平静下来

3. have got to 不得不,必须

4. be concerned about / for 关心

5. walk the dog 遛狗 cheat … of 欺骗。。

6. go through 穿过 完成 用完 通过 仔细检查

go ahead 同意某人的请求

go by 流逝

7. set down 记下

set up 建立

set off 出发 引爆

set out to do=set about doing 着手做某事

8. a series of 一系列

9. on purpose 故意地 by accident= chance 偶然地

10. in order to= so as to 为了 目的是in order that = so that

11. at dusk 在黄昏 at dawn 在黎明

at midnight 在午夜 at noon 在中午

12. face to face 面对面

13. no longer= not … any longer 不再

14. settle down 安顿下来 suffer from 遭受,患病

15. recover from 恢复 ,痊愈

16. get/ be tired of 对…感到厌烦

17. make a list of 列清单

18. pack… up 装箱打包

19. get along/ on with与…相处,/ 进展

20. fall in love 爱上

21. be grateful to sb. for sth.对某人因为某事表示感激

22. join in/ take part in /join/ attend 参加… 加入

23. make sb/ sth + 宾语补足语 使…

24. have something/little /nothing to do with 与..有关, 与。。。无关

25. it’s because….. +原因

26. it’s why…. + 结果

27. dare + (to) do (实义动词) do (情态动词) 敢

28. a year and a half= one and a half years 一年半

29. it’s no pleasure+ doing sth 没有乐趣做。。。

30. happen to do sth 碰巧做。。。

31. have trouble/ difficulty with sb /(in) doing sth 做某事有困难

32. exactly 的确如此

not exactly 不完全是

33. find it + adj. + to do sth 发现做。。。很。。。

34. make friends with 与。。。交朋友

35. swap … with 与。。。交换

36. it is / was + 序数词 time + that + has done / had done ….某人第几次做。。。事


because of由于

come up上来;发生;提到;开庭

come up with想起

come in进来,进入

come on快点;开始;前进;开始工作

come out出来,发芽

actually= in fact =as a matter of fact= in reality实际上

be based on在……的基础上

at present现在

make use of make full/ good use of充分利用

such as例如

play a part/ role in在……扮演角色

recognize … as将……认成……、

more than one + 谓语用单数 不止一个的……、

at the end of在……的末尾

in the end 最终

at an end到头;结束,终止,耗尽

voyage= tour= travel= journey旅行,旅途

than ever before 比以往都更……、

even if / though虽然

communicate with those + 定语从句 用who 和某些人交流,交流的人们用定语从句修饰

in his forties 在他的40多岁的时候

the former the latter 前者……后者……

a number of很多

the number of……的数量

make sense 有意义 对usage / use 用途

believe it or not信不信由你

there is no such + 名词 (不加冠词) 没有这样的

the way + in which / that /省略 ……的方式

especially = specially尤其

straight adj/ adv 笔直的,正直的


prefer to do , rather than do 喜欢做……而不喜欢做

would rather do , than do喜欢做……而不喜欢做

would do , rather than do喜欢做……而不喜欢做

fare VS fee费用

ever since自从

it’s is / has been + 时间段 + since 从句 自……以来已经

graduate from/ in从……毕业

be fond of喜爱

cut across穿过打断;抄近路穿过;遮断;与…相抵触

cut up切碎;砍伤;恶作剧;使悲痛

cut down砍倒

care about照顾

care for关心

determine to do sth = be determined to do sth 决心做某事

change one’s mind改变主意

make up one’s mind改变主意

at an altitude of在……的海拔高度

give in 屈服

give up 放弃

give off发出,放出 give out分发,公布

give away泄露,赠送

keep pace with与……并进

as usual像往常一样

bend over趴;伏;弯腰,弯曲

take the advantage of利用

persuade sb to do sth / into doing sth not to do sth/ out of doing sth 说服某人做或者不做某事

advise sb to do sth建议某人做某事

try to persuade sb to do sth试图说服某人去做某件事

although =though虽然

grow up成长

insist on坚持

put up张贴

put down记下,放下 put off延期 put on穿上

put away收起来、 can hardly wait to do sth忍不住做某事


right away =at once =immediately 立即

burst into laughter/ tears 突然笑了/哭了

burst out doing sth突然就做某件事

as if / though好像 in ruins损毁

injure =wound hurt伤害

be trapped in被陷入……之中

dig out挖出

bury oneself in doingsth专注于做某件事

rise升起 raise抬起 arise产生

too… to太……而不能 be away离开

it seems as if + 陈述语气/ 虚拟语气 好像

act out把……表演出来

be pleased / willing/ glad to do sth有意愿做某事

honor =in honor of为了向…表示敬意

be proud of以……为自豪

express my thanks表达我的想法


of high/ good quality 质优 devote to + doing投身于做某事

set up建立,安排 in principle主要 in peace和平

out of work失业 in work处于有工作的状态

out of control失控 in control处于被控制的状态

vote for投票选举 vote against投票反对

be equal to 与……等同 in trouble 有麻烦

turn to求助,转向 turn on / off 开关灯 turn up / down 出现/拒绝 lose heart灰心

lose one's heart to爱上某人;倾心

escape from / + doing sth逃避去干某事

come to power / in power掌权,当政

be sentenced to被宣判为

in one’s opinion某人认为,以某人的观点来看

fight for / against为……而战/为反对……而战 blow up 爆炸 爆发

dream of/ about梦想着……

imagine doing sth 想象着做某事

the first time首次(后面加时间状语从句)

for the first time第一次(做状语)

语法点 1. whether VS if 的用法

2. tell sb to do sth/ ask sb not to do sth 告诉某人干某事/告诉某人别干某事

3. be + doing 表将来

4. 定语从句: 只用that 的情况 …… 只用who 的情况 ……只用which的情况…… as VS which the same … as / that… such… as as … as 介词+ which/ whom which 引导一个句子的用法…… 非限制性定语从句 which 引导一个句子的用法 非限制性定语从句 插入语 I think I believe I guess I thought 间隔式定语从句

例句 :Is this car the one he bought last year? Is this the car he bought last year? What 的用法

5. will be done be about to be done be to be done be going to be done

6. has/ have been done 已经做某事

7. be always doing( 加always) 表示一种厌烦等语气 老是……

8. 强调句 it is + 被强调部分 + that 从句 It is not until + 时间 + that 从句 特殊疑问词 + is it that 从句

9. 倒装句 部分否定,含有否定词的 hardly never little only seldom 等, 把情态动词,be 动词, 助动词提到主语 的前面

10. as if , insist suggest request command ,从句用虚拟语气, 用(should) do 。







1、英语作文塞一句倒装句,多加好几分。only in this way,can you。这句无论什么作文都能用上,瞬间提高一个档次。







8、what is more而且。这个无论什么作文都能用上。

9、nothing is more important than the fact that 。事实不容否认。这个百分之八十能套上。

10、当然,为了提高档次,可以把作文里的important 换成significant ,把very(副词) 换成extraordinarily ,多使用高级词汇。

11、......has been playing an increasingly important role in our life ,什么什么在我们的生活中扮演着越来越重要的角色。高级句子。

12、结尾用的,i hope what has been mentioned above will be helpful and wish you have a good journey 。

13、as far as i am concerned ,就我而言。